5th Internal of 2019

Held on October the 2nd


Image No.Image TitleImagePhotographer
1st Place22Marbled White Butterfly on a StalkDavid Stephens
2nd Place4Banded DemoiselleDavid Stephens
3rd Place21I’ve Got A New BowGraham Sharp

Image No.Image TitlePhotographerPointsPosition
1AnemoneAlun Maddox15
2Di I Look Like My Mother in This?Gail Franklin15
3Bamburgh CastleMike Blackman16
4Banded DemoiselleDavid Stephens192nd
5Cwm DarranBob Purdy15
6ChernobylJohn Wike14
7Painted LadyGraham Sharp15
8Rising MoonPaul Cannan18
9Little Miss Brown EyesGail Franklin17
10Pussy WillowAlun Maddox16
11Lets ShareGraham Sharp16
12Peak District StreamMike Blackman17
13Woolacombe BayDavid Stephens18
14SeedingPaul Cannan18
15MotherlandJohn Wike14
16Girl With BowGail Franklin17
17Metal SculptureMike Blackman18
18Painted ladyBob Purdy18
19StiltsJohn Wike17
20Lonely Tree, Loch LomondPaul Cannan18
21I’ve Got A New BowGraham Sharp193rd
22Marbled White Butterfly on a StalkDavid Stephens201st
23Rush Hour Istanbul StyleBob Purdy16


Image No.Image TitleImagePhotographer
1st Place15Marbled White ButterflyDavid Stephens
2nd Place1The Boat HouseWayne Harris
3rd Place6MayflyDavid Stephens

Image No.Image TitlePhotographerPointsPosition
1The Boat HouseWayne Harris192nd
2DespairDavid Aherne18
3No You Can’t Share My PerchGail Franklin15
4Colourful BristolBob Purdy16
5Milky WayAlun Maddox17
6MayflyDavid Stephens193rd
7Storm Clouds Over WastwaterWayne Harris19
8Old PumpDavid Aherne17
9Don’t Steal My PerchGail Franklin16
10There’s A FishAlun Maddox15
11Ghost ShipDavid Stephens18
12The White CottageWayne Harris18
13Dolbadarn CastleDavid Aherne17
14Into the MistAlun Maddox16
15Marbled White ButterflyDavid Stephens201st
16Incoming Tide, SunriseWayne Harris17
17The FoxGail Franklin16
18CliftonAlun Maddox16
19Dovercourt LighthouseDavid Stephens16
20Ringlet ButterflyWayne Harris18
21Groyne MarkerDavid Stephens17
22Flower FairyPaul Cannan16