1st Internal of 2019

Held on Wednesday 6th February


Image No.Image TitleImagePhotographer
1st Place15Covered in DewDavid Stephens
2nd Place17Still Life GourdsGraham Page
3rd Place16Tiger LongwingAlun Maddox

Image No.Image TitlePhotographerPointsPosition
1Autumnal pathAlun Maddox17
2Caerphilly castleGraham Page14
3TalinBob Purdy17
4DuckJohn Wike14
5Caldy GravesMike Blackman16
6CorithiaPaul Cannan15
7LlanthonyBob Whittaker15
8Beneath Old Orchard PierDavid Stephens17
9Monarch at lunchAlun Maddox16
10Tommy CooperGraham Page14
11MongolianBob Purdy15
12Going NowhereJohn Wike14
13Southerndown beachPaul Cannan15
14Misty FallsBob Whittaker17
15Covered in dewDavid Stephens201st
16Tiger longwingAlun Maddox183rd
17Still life gourdsGraham Page192nd
18Severn crossingBob Purdy17
19Millennium Bridge to St PaulsPaul Cannan16
20FlowerBob Whittaker14
21VegetablesJohn Wike16
22Ogmore trawlerDavid Stephens17


Image No.Image TitleImagePhotographer
1st Place17Common Postman ButterflyAlun Maddox
2nd Place15Loch Ard StonesDavid Stephens
3rd Place1Waiting For An AudienceAlun Maddox

Image No.Image TitlePhotographerPointsPosition
1Waiting for an audienceAlun Maddox183rd
2Wye ValleyDavid Williams15
3Castle StalkerDavid Stephens15
4Brown hare restingWayne Harris15
5Autumn from Yat rockAlun Maddox17
6View from castleDavid Williams15
7Common blue & dandelionDavid Stephens16
8The moon and HaytorWayne Harris16
9Aon CentreAlun Maddox17
10UnnamedDavid Williams16
11Sunrise in MaineDavid Stephens17
12Sunrise over the WyeWayne Harris17
13Flowers in the cityAlun Maddox16
14UnnamedDavid Williams14
15Loch Ard stonesDavid Stephens192nd
16Orb web spider in dew nestWayne Harris17
17Common Postman butterflyAlun Maddox201st
18UnnamedDavid Williams15
19Straight down the middleWayne Harris17