3rd Internal of 2019

Held on June the 19th


Image No.Image TitleImagePhotographer
1st Place5The Mew StoneDavid Stephens
2nd Place15On The EstuaryDavid Stephens
3rd Place10Traeth MawrDavid Stephens

Image No.Image TitlePhotographerPointsPosition
1Golden GirlGraham Sharp14
2Autumn in the ForestAlun Maddox15
3Bumble BeeBob Purdy15
4CampionGraham Page15
5The Mew StoneDavid Stephens201st
6Sun HatGraham Sharp14
7Pacific SunsetAlun Maddox16Highly
8Focus OrchidBob Purdy16
9Blackthorn BlossomGraham Page17Highly
10Traeth MawrDavid Stephens183rd
11Bumble BeeGraham Sharp13
12White Tailed DeerAlun Maddox13
13ReflectionBob Purdy16
14Marsh FritillaryGraham Page15
15On the EstuaryDavid Stephens192nd


Image No.Image TitleImagePhotographer
1st Place23Frosty BoatWayne Harris
2nd Place16Marsh Fritillary Butterfly With DewWayne Harris
3rd Place1Hang Glider Over Great Staple TorWayne Harris

Print No.Print TitlePhotographerPointsPosition
1Hang Glider over Great Staple TorWayne Harris183rd
2Waiting for an AudienceAlun Maddox17Highly
3Morphus Peleides x 2David Aherne15
4AtriumMike Blackman17Highly
5Wild CatGail Franklin16
6Hard TimesAlun Kibble17Highly
7Beach HutsGraham Sharp14
8Combesgate BeachDavid Stephens15
9Crab Spider with preyWayne Harris16
10Orangery GardenAlun Maddox16
11Llyn Ogwen looking Towards
Carnedd Dafydd “Winter Storm”
David Aherne16Highly
12Bodelwydden Castle at DawnMike Blackman14
13Drying My WingsGail Franklin16
14Golden GirlGraham Sharp14
15Damselfly on a DandelionDavid Stephens15
16Marsh Fritillary Butterfly With DewWayne Harris192nd
17Lunch TimeAlun Maddox14
18Venice Canal MarketDavid Aherne16Highly
19Caldey GravesMike Blackman15
20Landing Gear DownGail Franklin14
21Coast WatchGraham Sharp16
22StokksnessDavid Stephens16
23Frosty BoatWayne Harris201st
24White Tailed DeerAlun Maddox14
25The Old PumpsDavid Aherne15
26Come sit with meGraham Sharp14
27Mountain ReflectionsDavid Stephens15
28WaitingWayne Harris16Highly
29Tiger LongwingAlun Maddox14
30Whats Going On?Graham Sharp14